Beer is an ideal complement to food for a variety of reasons. The wide array of beers available offer excellent pairings for an incredible range of cuisines, from American classics to Asian fusion.


The ABCs are a simple way of explaining how beer and food pairings hit our taste buds and create memorable—and shareable—experiences. The ABCs are easy for consumers to understand and immediately challenge their desire to explore options and create unique food and beer pairings. Another way to easily pair beer and food is to match lighter beer with lighter flavored foods and darker beer with bolder foods.

  • A stands for Accentuate

    To create an easy pairing, match the flavors in the food and beer. For example, try pairing Stella Artois with fish. The light flavors in both will work together.

  • B stands for Bridge

    To create a more advanced pairing, choose a beer and food whose flavors are similar, but not part of the same flavor family. For example, try pairing Budweiser with a hamburger. The light flavor in the beer will be complemented by the savory flavor of the burger.

  • C stands for Contrast

    The most advanced pairing combines two flavors that are essentially opposites. While risky, this pairing has the most potential to blow diners away. For example, try pairing Stella Artois with a bowl of hearty chili. The light flavor of the Stella Artois will be offset by the robust flavors in the chili.

For specific beer and food pairing recommendations select a type of food below.

  • Beer + Cheese

    Consider flavor and texture when pairing beer with cheese. The endless varieties of both translate to unlimited pairing possibilities.

  • Beer + Desserts

    Desserts with chocolate, coffee, or roasted flavors are a natural pairing for beer with similar flavor notes, such as a stout.

  • Beer + Grilled, Seared Food

    There’s nothing better than a cold beer when you’re grilling on a hot day, and varieties with big flavors are a great match for bold grilled meats.

  • Beer + Hearty, Savory Food

    Warm, cozy foods like these are well suited for robust, heavy beers that add to the rich flavors of the dish.

  • Beer + Hot, Spicy Food

    A crisp, cold beer can counter the heat in spicy foods to create a nicely balanced flavor.

  • Beer + Tart, Citrusy Food

    Clean, crisp beers like American lagers are a natural pair for lighter dishes infused with citrus.

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