H.P. Lovecraft Inspires New Brew Series From Narragansett Beer

H.P. Lovecraft has inspired generations of authors, artists and now beer makers, with the release of a new beer inspired by the works of the “Father of Modern Horror.” Rhode Island’s Narragansett Beer has begun a new beer collection dubbed the Lovecraft Series, which pays homage to the Providence-born author, who was also born in the same year the brewery was founded.

The first offering in the series will be Lovecraft Honey Ale, a “bold yet sweet honey-colored ale” brewed in collaboration with Revival Brewing Company. This “prologue” brew is a “reference to space mead consumed by the winged Byakhee, interstellar predators that first appeared in the famed Lovecraft short story, ‘The Festival.'”

“When the brewery was shut down, the spirit of Narragansett never died; it went underground, to a deep and dark place,” explained President of Narragansett Beer Mark Hellendrung in a release. “Since reclaiming our beer in 2005, we’ve worked hard to stay true to our roots. But after being in that dungeon for so long, we came back with some baggage. Just like the nameless protagonist from ‘The Outsider,’ we emerged in the light a little different. A little…strange. Think of this brew as our bold, our obscure, our tampered-with mind. It won’t be for everyone, and if it isn’t for you, you’ll know exactly who it IS for. This is OUR Lovecraft.”

The new brew can be found starting today in 16-ounce tall boy six packs and in limited quantities on tap. Subsequent releases in the series will all correspond to a different Lovecraft tale, with unique can designs created by local Rhode Island artists. There’s no word yet on the next chapter in the Lovecraft series, so stare deeply into the eyes of Cthulhu for now.

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