13 Insanely Awesome Beer Gadgets That You Will Want

Whether you’re brewing or just tending bar, an ingenious beer invention will make your life so much better. Check out the interesting beer gadgets


1. A Kegerator That Dispenses A Bag of Beer

Synek Kegerator


2. A Bottle Opener Multi-Tool with Built-In Knife



3. Floating Beer Bottle Holder

Floating Beer Bottle Holder


4. Interlocking Rustic Chalkboard Tap Handles

Rustic Barnwood Chalkboard Tap Handle


5. A Cushioned Bottle Transport Bag

Cushioned Bottle Transport Bag


6. Beer Bottle and Can Fizzy Machine

Beer Bottle and Can Fizz Machine


7. A Brain for Your Kegerator

Kegerator SmartHub


8. Check Your Kegerator Temperatures Remotely

Kegerator Temperature Remote


9. A Dual Tap Custom Wood Overlay Kegerator

Custom Wood Overlay Kegerator


10. A Smartphone Homebrew Machine

A Smartphone Homebrew Machine


11. Magic Powder to Chill Beer

Magic Powder to Chill Beer


12. Remote Kegerator Temperature Control

Remote Kegerator Temperature Control


13.Smallest Bottle Opener… Ever

World's Smallest Bottle Opener

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